US Armed Forces Service Members who volunteered or were drafted into any branch of the US Armed Forces, including Reservist and National Guard, regardless of discharge or time in service



We are a place of compassion, sharing, and caring, providing the tools of wholeness to help our US Armed Forces Service Members get to their best self. Fort Baltimore, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3, resource center for US Armed Forces Service Members.  Fort Baltimore, Inc.’s goal is to assist US Armed Forces Service Members with compassion and commitment in resolving issues that impede their progress in life, while promoting dignity, and self-sufficiency.  Improving the veteran’s quality of life and providing economic opportunities.  All in turn around services, in a one stop shop fashion.  Fort Baltimore, Inc. is the organization that will instill pride which will signal the community is strong.

Fort Baltimore, Inc. is open to fellow US Armed Forces Service Members and community leaders to fellowship and mentor, those US Armed Forces Service Members who need a helping hand in moving forward in life.  All are asked to share their stories, skills, hobbies, and life experience at Fort Baltimore, Inc. to encourage our US Armed Forces Service Members to become leaders in our community.



Fort Balitmore Life Time Services.


Assistance with filing claims.

Services in obtaining resources.

Monthly Classes