Ms. Monique Hawley is the Founder and Executive Director.  Ms. Hawley has extensive knowledge and experience working with veterans and government agencies. Ms. Hawley has retired with over twenty years of federal government service with the following agencies:


 • U.S. Army - Supply Sergeant - Honorable Discharge – Disabled Veteran

 • Immigration and Naturalization Service  -  Immigration Inspector, Status Verifier, Port Director Secretary, Clerk

 • Social Security Administration  -  Claims Representative and Benefits Authorizer

 • Veterans Affairs  -  Veterans Service Representative

Ms. Hawley has worked with non-profit and state veterans organizations assisting veterans with benefits and employment:

 • Black Veterans For Social Justice, Brooklyn, New York  -  Employment Specialist

 • Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training, Baltimore, Maryland  -  Benefits Specialist

 • The Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, Baltimore, Maryland – Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialist

Monique Hawley, Executive Director


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Board of Directors:

William Pedro – President

Shirley Archie – Secretary

Cheryl Starks

Austin Ball

Theresa Lee